Sunday, January 10, 2010

Band Aids for the Boo-boos

Well, been slowly working on the AS. It is cold, people! Several days this past week, it reached below 20 degrees...burr!!!! Mark is still working on the cabinents and windows. Just placed an order for the side window that was a mess when we bought the stream. Notice the cut out patch job on the wall, and how can you miss the lovely liquid nails on the wall, too? The window had been shot out (and the stream has two bullet holes on the side to prove it), but the PO just left the broken glass pieces where they were and covered the broken window with a piece of stained glass. Do I have to tell you that was one of the first things I said had to go? Stay tuned....

Monday, December 28, 2009

another perk? new tools

Okay, I bet most of you with Airstreams would admit that another perk in ownership is the fact you can spend looooads of money on new tools and justify it to your spouse.... right? This nifty set of pics will show Mark replacing rotted floor. The rotted part was only about as big as a human foot, so it made sense to just replace that small part. Here are some of the pics that show how he did it. We had already checked the cross member and found that it was in great shape, so we knew we were in business with the "small" fix.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Every spot was a black tar mess! The heat gun made them a "hot mess"...:)

Man, what a mess!!! (or what NOT to do with liquid nails and silicone)

Mark has a new name for silicone----"silly cone"! It's a toss up which one of us hates the stuff the most. We have worked ourselves silly (pun intended) ridding the ceiling and walls of this black tar mess! As always, just when I think the job is impossible, Mark comes up with something that will "get the job done". The black tar (liquid nails) came off easier when heated with a heat gun. Just be sure to use the glue gun cautiously. Not that you, dear reader, are likely to have to remove two tons of liquid nails from a camper, but you never know! Enjoy the pictures. I promised lots this time, so here goes...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

We named our swinger's pad "Presley". The original owner's last name was Presley, the Safari's decor reminded us of the Jungle Room and last, but not least, the Airstream even came complete with it's own bullett hole. We don't care for the decor (imagine that!) so it will all be coming OUT. I couldn't even talk Mark into keeping the square silver tiles behind the stove. Demo pics will be next, I promise.